"The phantom worlds"
by Agnieszka Okrzeja

In the world of art, Maria Wasilewska travels in the self-created illusionary trajectories of space. She draws her inspirations from post architectonic experiences. At the beginning the artist becomes a viewer  in the process of knowing, which proceeds the creative activity.  Little by little when the creative process opens she  places individual narration into spatial construction of reality, which she is being present in for the very moment, the moment of creation, the moment of time - the moment of exhibition. The unnamed spaces, which sometimes are  cubic galleries,  constitute the inexhaustible source of the creative   endeavors Maria Wasilewska  is able to bring out to us. This extraordinary skill of the use of territories  and generating out of them new formal architectonic potential belongs to individual (based on intuition)  creative process of Maria Wasilewska. 
If we were to verbalize this activity, the words of Jan S. Wojciechowski seem to correspond with her performance: "(...) the process of defining  (...) shaping a form is determined by the event itself and, more or less, by the incidental factors, which accompany it in the given moment". In such Maria Wasilewska's artistic realizations as "iterations" or "c.d.n.n." there appears "(...) the opening for the impulses coming from the exterior and because of them the defining process of a coming into being form is possible (...)" and also search for potential interpretations. "Impulses coming from the exterior could mean the activity of another human being who is a changeable source for a variety of signals. They could also stand for natural surrounding - a landscape or cultural environs  - urban situation."
In the artistic confrontation the viewer, having been invited into "the phantom worlds" created  by the artist, and deprived of  knowledge on the creative process, he or she is dragged into a subconscious sensory  situation. In order to know the art of Maria Wasilewska one must be prepared to the new interpretations of the academic notions. Such basic notions as perspective and geometry have been abandoned and undermined by the artist at the exhibition at "ON Gallery" where a new 'explorer', the viewer only for the the very moment, was to be met.

Quotations from the book by Jan Stanis³aw Wojciechowski "Jaki rozum po katastrofach", Warsaw, 1998